Promote Your Office with Commercial Wall Graphics

Commercial Wall Graphics define your business’s culture and illustrate it to employees and visitors. Keep employees focused on your brand’s mission while endorsing a positive environment to those visiting your office. Graphics make for a dynamic backdrop and reminder of your values during company events as well as during the regular work day.

Office Wall GraphicsWall murals and graphics promote your brand at every turn. Place them in the reception area, in company restrooms, and display a graphic in your conference room. These Commercial Wall Graphics support your business, fuse the logo with the name, and ensure visitors leave remembering what your company is about.

It may sound like a bold claim but having office decorations, like wall wraps, has an important impact on your office dynamics. Decor may seem trivial, but in a cut-throat business world where even the slightest edge can make the difference between you and a rival, any advantage is important. Aside from improving employee productivity and office moral, here are some points to consider on how and why wall wraps and other office decor can improve your office environment.

  • Recruitment – With modern companies competing for who can be the most relevant and approachable for their employees, trying to recruit promising potential workers to a drab, sterile office could be a major disadvantage.
  • Team Spirit – Having your company logo, and maybe your motto or vision statement, on the wall will lead to an increased sense of belonging among employees.
  • Client Impressions – If you are showing prospective clients around your workspace, you don’t want give the impression you are a company of yesterday.
  • Ease of Identification – If someone is searching for your business, that could mean a sale is at stake.

Data sheet below shows 20 year life in office space if not in direct sunlight, and maybe some other enviro secs you might feel are valid.  This is for the wall paper but the spot graphics will be on a job bases based on clients need.

In general our main product if the HP PVC FREE pre glued wall paper which offers an easy removal at the end of the life limiting and need for wall repairs.

Commercial Wall Graphics