What do Netflix, Black + Decker, Starbucks and Elwood Studio all have in common? Refreshing Your Logo was the key to their success. These and many other companies large and small made the jump to a newer logo.

Savvy marketers understand the need to make their logo modern and relevant to properly represent their company’s brand. Graphic design trends are in a constant flux. Colors, typefaces and general design aesthetics go in and out of style. Organizations change their vision, move and merge.

A fresh new logo provides major production and marketing advantages for organizations of all sizes – consider the following six advantages:

Vector Graphic – Building a logo in vector graphics rather than photographic or traditional gradations, a logo will maintain a high-quality image regardless of the media or size used. A vector, graphic-based logo is adaptable and optimized for media as large as a billboard or as small as a smart phone.

Color Options – In today’s multichannel world, a logo should have several color styles to suit various media. Having a prepared style guide for B&W, reversed, light, dark and/or outlined versions will prove very useful.

Shape Versatility – Modern logos need to have several versions to fit predefined format shapes: horizontal and square at minimum, but also consider vertical, tall and/or short versions. Many social media sites only display logos in a square format; banner ads run vertical and/or horizontal – how well does your logo fit?

Unique – The logo should be unique and relevant to your target audience. Just the right nuance of color, font style, and shape to convey the essence of your brand.

Recognizable – Simple shapes and short tag lines are easily recognized and remembered. Companies with long names can use initials or abbreviations. For example: IBM (International Business Machines Corporation).

Refreshing Your Logo – Let’s face it, no matter how well designed, logos age. Color trends change. Typefaces go in and out of favor. Styles evolve. Smart companies update their logos to appear fresh and relevant.

Is your logo properly representing your brand image? Is it appropriate for your target market? Is it easily recognizable? Is the style flexible? Ask Wild FX for a quote today!