When you say the word ‘stickers’ to someone, they may think of stickers a child would play with – unicorns, stars, and other fun things. Here at Wild FX Signage & Print we think custom logo stickers, car stickers, large format decals and everything in between that can help build your brand.

Here’s nine ways to use stickers for business purposes – some of which you may already be doing!

1. Sticker Swag

Custom logo stickers can be used in a variety of situations such as at trade shows, in your storefront, special events and so on. You can use your business logo to create custom logo stickers, or any other brand imagery you may have to create branded swag. If people like your brand, (we hope they do!), they’ll stick your branded sticker on laptops, water bottles, notebooks and more – and suddenly they aren’t just customers, they’re walking brand advocates.

2. Window Decals

If you’ve got a storefront or walk-in office, window decals can be an easy way to convey information to passersby – even when your business is closed. Store hours, sales, social media information, free WiFi, and other info can be easily displayed using custom window decals. We offer a variety of materials and styles to help you create a professional looking designs for your business.

3. Wall Decals

Custom wall decals are an easy way to add some color to an empty space without having to break out the paint brushes. Use a logo wall decal if you want to keep it simple, or check out our decorative wall decals, vinyl wall graphics and vinyl lettering options for art, motivational quotes, important information, and other signage in your business. The best part is most custom wall decals will come off without any damage to your walls.

4. Floor Decals

The floor is a vastly under-utilized space. Floor decals can be used to advertise sales, where customers should lineup to order, to direct them to certain parts of your store and more. Looking for something that can be used outdoors or on rough surfaces like a sidewalk?

5. Packaging

Much like your storefront, the packaging that your product comes in can have a big impact on how customers perceive your brand. A custom sticker or label can be the perfect way to customize and spruce up your packaging. Stickers are a cost-effective way to order in bulk, plus you can customize the design, shape, colors and size.

6. Serial Labels

Similar to product packaging, you can also create custom Serial Labels for your products or stock at StickerYou. Easily create serial number labels, barcodes, SKU numbers with a variety of materials options that will stick to any surface.

7. Equipment

If you’ve got equipment that customers can see it, such as cash registers, tables, etc. why not brand these items? You can keep it as simple as a custom logo sticker, or get as detailed and fancy as you like.

8. Car Window Decals

Car Window Decals are an excellent way to advertise your business on the go. They can be used on your personal vehicle if you’re the owner, or if your business vehicles.

And there you have it – ways your business can use custom stickers to help strengthen your business‘ brand.