We are all in this together and we all need to play our part practising safe social distancing, for many businesses, a Social Distance Floor Decal Sticker have many benefits.

Help by raising awareness and reminding both your staff and clients with these bright and easy to self-install graphics that can be placed 1.5 meters apart.

Done on our Tex Range of media for indoor and outdoor use, they can be applied to multiple floor surfaces including: carpets, tiles, wood floors, concrete and pavers.

This unique media leaves no residue and meets Australia Standards for floor graphics. One matter is a lot of people are using masking tape on carpet and over time the adhesize will serperate and leave a terrible residue and these ones wont.

RECTANGLE: 1100 X 50mm

Customer Awareness

During a pandemic, spreading correct and useful information is essential, especially when out in public. Social distancing stickers can be placed all over your store to ensure that customers are aware of the behavior is expected from them, as well as any other required information.

Customer Distancing

Social distancing floor decals can also be used in-store to ensure that customers the required distance from each other while queuing. With highly infectious diseases, people being in close contact like in queues can cause infection of others so having floor decals that tell people where to stand is very useful.

Shows Solidarity

As a retailer, keeping your customers and staff safe and healthy through stressful times should be your top priority. By having social distancing stickers and floor decals throughout spaces that staff and customers use, you are showing solidarity that we are all in this together.

A Temporary & Permanent Solution

We all don’t know how long a pandemic can last, and social distancing floor decals are an excellent temporary solution to a short or long term solution. They can be removed when needed or last for up to five years.

No matter what type of retailer you own, you can order your social distancing floor stickers from Wild FX Signage & Print. We provide our customers with durable, custom shaped stickers that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Our floor decal stickers can be used in-store or on the sidewalk for social distancing queuing. Our floor decals can be completely personalized for your brand and include your own copy and logo.

Get Your Social Distance Floor Decal Sticker Now

Show your solidarity to your customers and staff by encouraging them to practice social distancing and avoid a bigger problem.