If you’re looking for ways to create a better work environment, opt for office wall graphics to boost worker morale and productivity. Need more convincing?

Here are 4 reasons your office needs graphics on the wall.

1. Set the tone of your work space.

Humans respond to visuals. Creative graphics are a great way to influence the tone of your work environment. You can create a productive environment for employees by using a combination of color, pattern, and texture. Whether you design your lunch room to energize workers on breaks, or decorate your conference room to boost team creativity during meetings, you can use positive visuals and design to make your work space a place for creativity and innovation to foster.

2. Illustrate and promote company culture.

While defining the tone of your work space, office wall graphics also portray what your company is all about. You can use this as an opportunity to keep your employees focused around your brand’s core purpose, while also endorsing a positive worth ethic and motivating employees around that purpose.

That being said, see how you can creatively manifest company culture with wall murals instead of just adding your logo and company colors. What does your company represent? What are your values? Where did your brand come from, and where do you want it to go? Based on your answers, see how you can translate your brand into an inspirational graphic depiction.

3. Boost productivity by reducing stress.

A creative environment improves happiness and reduces stress. Less stress means more productivity and better quality of work.

According to a Teknion study on Ethonomics, decorative nature motifs can improve the psychological health of building occupants. For those offices that don’t have access to actual natural elements, wall graphics illustrating natural scenery can be an effective choice for improving office efficiency.

4. Contribute to brand equity.

It goes without saying that wall murals are impressive. A wall mural is a unique piece of art that can distinguish your office, and can be appreciated by workers and customers alike. Plus, it shows that you invest in your work space and care about the quality of work produced. Add a wall mural to your office, and you instantly boost your brand equity.

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