Imagine a company without a Good Business Logo. You can’t – right? Well, that’s pretty much the entire point of a business logo. To act as the branding forefront of a business. To be memorable and integrated within your brand’s design. And ultimately, to be recognized and reveal your brand identity in the best way possible.

What’s even more important than this is the following…

The Importance of Good Business Logo Design for A Brand

In today’s era, companies are competing against the shortened attention spans of consumers. In times when the average buyer is not loyal to any brand but likes exploring different ones, it is up to you to reveal your identity in front of them and serve your products or services while grabbing their attention.

One of the best ways to accomplish that is through an eye-catching logo. A symbol that grabs their attention, communicates your core values and justifies your appearance.

It’s the Beginning of Your Company’s Branding and Conveys Your Brand’s Vision

Every customer is drawn to business names and logos as the first two contacts that they make with a specific brand. The logo is usually the first introduction to consumers – and your chance (as a brand) to make a great first impression.

Well-designed logos are not only there to stand and be wowed at. They have a function to tell customers about a company, its vision, beliefs, and goals. Moreover, visually striking logos can intrigue customers and leave them curious about the company and what it offers.

Makes Your Brand Attractive and Memorable

Believe it or not, there are many customers that are naturally drawn to logos (obviously, great ones) and naturally willing to try the products or services of a company with a great business logo.

Whether it’s Apple and its iconic fruit – one of the most successful stories surrounding logos out there or Nike and its unmistakable swoop, your logo should be synonymous with the brand it represents. So, it’s true that a logo makes your brand stickier. There are many times when even you have forgotten the name of something – but can associate it with its logo.

Think of It as The Foundation of Your Brand Identity

Just like customers who are willing to purchase from a business that appears polished and legit, there are ones who are in search of something comfortable before committing to a brand.

A business logo here is meant to be the foundation of your brand identity. When crafting it, you need to make sure that it has all it takes to become the foundation of a branding campaign that’s successful and forward-thinking.

So, How Do You Create an Awesome-Looking Good Business Logo?

Now that you know the main purpose of a logo, you should also know what it should contain and how to use it accordingly.

Our advice would be as following:

  • Focus on simple symbols and colors

  • Think about all the situations your logo will be used in

  • Have something visual and memorable in mind

  • Avoid the cliché and avoid your logo looking like another brand

  • Consider the proportion and symmetry

  • Use custom fonts and unique typography

  • Make it ownable

  • Start using it everywhere you can – from your business cards to your documents to your emails!