Adding the team’s logo adds a lot to your uniforms, so which is Better Embroidery or Screen Printing? This is why it is important to make sure that including brand identity on uniforms are done professionally.

For example: you could head out to OfficeWorks and for around $50 bucks could get an Iron On Transfer Paperto print images directly onto light t-shirts, bags, aprons and even uniforms.

But as you know that your business deserves better than this cheap approach for printing one of the most important business asset “your brand logo”.

One very important decision that captures all of these choices is figuring out how you will have it added to the garment…

Do you want it to be stitched on, or screen printed?

Embroidery usually captures the image skilfully and always gives a good representation. So does screen printing; however, it uses ink to illustrate the image on the fabric.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is often used on softer fabrics made of cotton such as T-shirts. Embroidery is typically used on stronger garments like polo shirts. Choosing the right solution for your business uniform requirements can be a challenge, to simplify this process and to help you figure out which of the two options you should choose, let’s take a look at the pros and cons:

Embroidery Looks More Polished

When you are looking for something that is much more orderly and uniformed, then embroidery can be the better choice. The embroidered logo is usually neatly placed at the top left of the shirt. This gives your staff and team a look that is more low key and professional. Screen printing on the other hand is usually done for larger areas incorporating an image that typically is placed at the centre of a uniform. If your business is a bit less formal, then you might be interested in the latter.

Embroidery Lasts Longer

Embroidery is usually used on thicker materials that are of good quality such as polo shirts. This means that it will last a lot longer than screen printing. Additionally, the stitches degrade a lot slower than the ink does. The ink typically used on thinner, less-resistant shirts can degrade each time the shirt is washed. The ink starts to flake overtime and the image begins to fade away. If you want uniforms to last for a long period of time, then embroidery is the better choice. However, if you require equipping your staff with uniforms only for special events such as Australian Business Trade Shows, then screen-printing on your uniforms may be ideal for less frequent occasions.

Screen Printing Is More Visible

The good thing about screen printing is how bold and daring it can look. This allows you to use screen printed shirts for promotional purposes. Depending on the occasion, business type and event you require uniforms for.

Embroidery also serves to promote your brand too. However, it might be less effective because a customer might not be able to see your logo and business name.

Screen Printing Costs Compared to Embroidered Garments

One of the appeals of the screen printing is the price, since the embroidery process may cost more. This means that screen-printing usually is cheaper. Having said that, the price difference in production costs can often be minuscule to choose either option based on cost.

Uniforms Difference

We hope that by considering this information the choice between embroidery and screen printing should be straight forward. Basically, we believe that quality and durability should be your number one choice. The objective of your promotional needs must be taken into account when selecting uniforms that are embroidered.