There are countless factors that contribute to a positive work experience – respectful work relationships, clear processes and accountability, challenging and aligned goals, recognition, team spirit, etc. These interpersonal, emotional, and psychological factors are paramount to employee satisfaction. Not to be overlooked is the quality of the physical work space. The physical work environment can either support or hinder building a positive company culture.

Great Work Spaces Meet Basic Human Needs

1. Light and Space

We all crave natural light and open spaces in our work places. Architects and biologists alike tell us this is fundamental human nature. If we are lucky, we find ourselves in work spaces surrounded by windows – both interior and exterior. Those highly sought out exterior windows let in the all-important natural light. The interior office and conference room windows create an illusion of having a larger personal work space and connect us to a larger community (more on that later).

2. Privacy

At odds with the desire for light and space is a need for privacy in order to work productively without distraction. Additionally, in many fields, creating privacy is a necessity in order to protect client, customer or patient privacy and confidentiality. In these industries where privacy and confidentiality are a priority work spaces can feel like working in a closet.

3. Community

Finally, we all like to feel connected. As humans, we are social animals. We don’t need to be actively engaged in conversation with others to feel a connection with them. In fact, feeling that shared purpose and mission with those who work around us can have dramatic effects on productivity.

Optimizing Your Work Space with Frosted Window Film

We are continually impressed how Frosted or Etched Vinyl is a simple, yet versatile material that offers a broad range of privacy, natural light and endless design or branding options.

Frosted glass window vinyl can be used on both internal and external windows. You control the amount of privacy based on the amount of coverage or design elements you choose.

Privacy & Space

Interior Windows

Privacy is an important ingredient to productivity. Additionally, for many businesses including:

  • health care
  • medical services
  • dental services
  • child care centers
  • personal care services
  • financial services
  • tax preparation services
  • human resources
  • payroll services
  • counseling services

Protecting client privacy and confidentiality is a fiduciary responsibility. Creating a safe secure private environment is essential is meeting client needs and ensuring repeat and referral for your business.

Creating privacy in conference and meeting rooms also engenders candor of meeting participants and minimizes distractions to keep meetings focused and on schedule.

It is important to note that adding privacy does not always require full window coverage.

Depending on the amount of privacy needed, you can plan your coverage and design based on the outside viewers point of view.

Exterior Windows

Frosted vinyl can be used on exterior windows to provide privacy for customers or employees.

Community and Branding

There is a lot to be said about using visual communications to support branding, company culture and productivity in the work space.

Frosted window vinyl is uniquely amazing in its ability to provide the benefits noted above (light, space and privacy) but also deliver a message or design that reflects the brand or company culture. These designs can be created by either cutting a design our message out of or into the frosted vinyl or by digitally printing on the frosted vinyl.

Frosted glass vinyl can have patterns, words, or logos cut into the vinyl can be cut in either “positive” or “negative” representations.

Positive Space Designs

The term positive space means that the primary elements of the design are created from the Frosted Window Film material.

Negative Space Designs

Negative space designs describe designed where the object or letters are created by cutting and removing those shapes from the vinyl. The remaining vinyl that is applied to the window is the “negative” space around those letters. Negative space designs are a fantastic way to increase privacy while adding energy and branding to a frosted window graphic.

Digitally Printed Designs

Adding to its versatility, you can opt to include a wide format high resolution digital print to your frosted window vinyl. With digital printing, your privacy vinyl can deliver branding and messaging to achieve your communication goals.

Digital printing onto etched glass vinyl can create a custom, unique appearance for signage of a variety of applications. Read more about Foundry Interactive’s Frosted Window Film goals and objectives here.

So, have it all! Whether you need to add that up-scale look to your retail storefront, to your interior business windows and doors, or if you would like to incorporate etched glass vinyl into a custom logo or reception sign, we can discuss the various ways this attractive and versatile material can be used.