Technology has completely changed the way many businesses work, giving the team everything they need to do their job effectively at the touch of a button. As digital tools develop and improve, so does our reliance and loyalty to them. It’s tempting to turn your back on traditional means of getting work done, but print media still plays a huge role in business. If you’re thinking about chucking away the printer for good, its time to remind yourself why printing is still essential in a world that’s obsessed with all things digital.

Print media still has an incredible amount of power in the marketing world, something small or independent businesses shouldn’t disregard. Printing off and posting informative leaflets is an excellent way of getting your name out there. Don’t fall into the routine of just sending an email out to customers; the chances are that they already have an inbox full of unread emails from similar companies. Print media is far more likely to be read and is arguably more effective than an email.

It’s not just the small businesses that can benefit from printing, it can help any company reach a new consumer entirely. Print media has always been highly effective, yet is being left behind in in digital advertising. When you consider that some customers may not use the internet a combination of the two is the best. There are plenty of well-known brands that have successfully used print marketing campaigns to engage with their audience. Businesses like this are aware of the importance of both types of media, using both for their client base unturned.

By avoiding one type of media, you’re missing out on potential customers. Going completely digital, many of your clients may be set on sticking with more traditional methods of media. Going paperless may cause difficulties in the future, such as if you need to invoice someone for a service.