The benefits of having wall and window graphics are extremely important to your business, especially if you want to be found! How many times have you had trouble finding a business because of poor signage or no signage at all?

Yes, there are still many businesses out there that do not think about the outside of their building and whether or not their customers can easily find them. How many businesses do you know that can give you directions by saying “Our building is easy to find, just look for the big bright orange wall that has our name and logo on it”.

Not very many businesses at all!

All it takes to catch the eye of your prospective customers or clients is to place a wall or window graphic in a strategic location that will get your business noticed way ahead of your competitors.

Following are some benefits and ideas of having wall graphics that will make your business memorable in the eyes of your prospective customers or clients:

  • Other than having just plants and magazines in your waiting area for your prospects, customers or clients, why not put your company mission statement and logo on your wall, it’s a great way for people to remember what your company stands for and creates a strong and positive impression about your business

  • If you have a boardroom or meeting room with no windows at all, why not create a photo realistic wall graphic that will add some inspiration and leave your clients in awe

  • Many hallways in businesses have blank walls and often get overlooked as a great space to showcase their business even more. One idea would be to put a timeline of your company history on the hallway walls that will stand out and have a lasting memory for your potential customers and clients

The best ways for you to maximise your message is usually the simplest. Window graphics have come a long way since paint that needed to be scraped off the windows all the while trying not to scratch the windows! They are now very attractive decals that are not only visually appealing, but easy to remove.

Window graphics have many benefits; following are some of the most common ones:

  • Inexpensive, instant advertising – Window decals can tell your prospects quickly and easily who you are and what you do. This kind of information is great to encourage word of mouth advertising

  • Create privacy – Perhaps your office is right on the street front where you interview prospects or simply work; you don’t need every passer by looking in

  • Give directions – It is a great idea to put a ‘push’ or ‘pull’ sign on doors giving your customers gentle guidance, or perhaps they need to know where they can park

  • Build your brand – If you want to grow your business, you need to build your brand. Having a plain window will not tell your prospects anything about you. Having a window decal that turns heads and leaves a lasting impression will build invaluable brand recognition

  • Promoting specials – Online advertising is great, however, giving your offline advertising a boost is essential for your business. A great idea is to create window graphics that tell people about your latest offers and services

You can see that there are many different benefits from using wall and window graphics for your business.

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